Living Your Words

Lately I had encountered more instances of people not keeping their words, than I hoped. It has led to a general feelings of disappointment in people, sadly. Most of them happened along the lines of people inviting me to outting/dinner, but I only found out they cannot make it or it’s canceled in the aftermath […]

Appreciation Of Simple Things

Today (a Friday) I left work at around 7:30pm, which is the latest I’ve done in a VERY VERY long time. Mind you, my day usually starts before or around 9am, and it’s always my endeavor to maintain 40-hour work week but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! As I was leaving and […]

Hectic Schedule But Not Giving Up Priorities, Such is Persistence

Lately work has picked up quite a bit, and I have gotten busier on the job. While I continue my endeavor to keep work at work and maintain 40 hour work week. Nonetheless, I have had to take home a bit of work, and the hectic schedule has left me a bit more worn out, […]

Seattle Trip Report – LONG!

1566 How much it costs: Car rental – $163 Gas – $200~ Lodging – $60 (meal for friend who hosted me) Food/Water – $60~ Parking/Toll/Entry Fee – $50~ Total – $533~ General things and thoughts from the trip: – I got this exciting sensation and adrenaline about the trip while driving in the AM after […]

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