Glad to have this blog

Recently, things have been a little tough and hectic. Along with that, there are people with much negativity whom I cannot avoid completely. Anger and disturbance penting up inside from those people and I’m not sure how to deal with them and these feelings. It’s also giving me a hard time to keep my chin up these days…

It is difficult time, but I am able to maintain my positive attitude to deal with the things to come, which is for the better. A major factor being the blog posts that I have written myself.

At this point, I understand I have little readership, but I am writing because I want to and I am serving others by explaining things and principles that I think are important and working. Spread these words that I sincerely believe can make this world a happier place for all of us. Additionally, prior to writing these believes that live within me down on this blog, they are vague and hard to grasp. Laying the believes down on words also serves the purpose to clarify and to remind myself, so that I am really doing what I think I want to do. Like priests, I try to “practice what I preach” or do they now?

Anyways, because of these reasons, I am glad that I have been writing the materials on this blog.

More on the topic of dealing with negativity… one way I rationalize it is. If I am swimming in a sea of negativity…does it really help for me to become negative also? Or would it be better to stay positive and increase my own positivity to influence other? I think the answer is obvious.

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