Being Clean and Having a Peaceful Mind

Looking back, there are many occasions that I am annoyed and overwhelmed when my surroundings gets messy and cluttered. Especially back in those student days with schoo, work, and life all going that I really didn’t have time to clean. When I finally get the chance, it’ll be such a clutter that I’m not sure where to start, which makes it EXTRA annoying.

That being said, those are my main motivations to stay clean and organized, and also the reason for spending a good portion of my memorial weekend cleaning my apartment of things from past years. Now that I am more aware, I realize how my mind can be more peaceful having a surrounding that is clean and rid of clutter.

I want to share this because this is something that we all have control over that can contribute to the peace of our minds and put ourselves more at ease. Cleaning is something that we can all do by choice!

So I suggest let’s all allocate time to clean and keep it clean. Not only living area, but also work desk, office, car… Clean up junk mails/paper, recycle things we don’t need anymore, mob the floor, reorganize furnitures for more spacious, cleaner look, etc.

By staying clean and organized, we can focus our energy and attention on other things in life, instead of having the burden of uncleanliness on our minds.

On a side note, I bought a few pieces of furnitures that both help to keep things organized and provide a more unified theme for my apartment. I spent arond $130, but it’s worth it. I brought this up because we need to remember to live frugally without being cheap! :)

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