My Car Is Mine

Like I said before, I have made the “final” payment for my car a little over a week ago and finally received the Certificate of Title :) So now I really, literally own “my” beautiful Scion tC. Two good things I want to reiterate by doing this: – I’m automatically “making” 6.15% return after tax […]

The Big 24

I would like to thank all the friends and family who reminded me of getting old… I mean, for wishing me happy birthday today. I got a very unexpected call from an old friend too, it’s great! I was asked somewhere along if it feels any different to be a year older… not really :P […]

Speculation on Paying Off Car Debt

One way that will help speed up the prcoess of saving and accumulating wealth is by paying off debt. Usually we have debt that are at interest rate higher than our saving or even investment account and as a result, we’re losing money that way (+inflation, +tax). Right now, my car loan is the only […]

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