Piggy in Texas


Piggy was in Texas from the middle of last week ’til Sunday. The main purpose of the trip is a training/crash course for new hires joining the company. All in all, the class was alright, pace was too slow…but the good part is that I got to meet some interesting and different people. And I’m always up for that. By different people I mean that they’re not engineers :P What makes it even more interesting is hearing from these folks outside of engineering arena who had accumulated plenty experience outside. One of them is even a fellow Spartan alumni from Michigan State, woohoo!

View outside of my hotel window.
Meet Buch and Sundance – the beautiful and gigantic Royal Swan inside the hotel!
Austin Downtown
Peet’s piano bar – what a fun place!

So the class ended on Friday in Austin and the same evening I got a rental car and headed to Houston. The minutes about Houston:

  • Due to my ignorance, I was amazed how much bigger Houston is than Austin :P?
  • Their Hong Kong style restaurants were on par w/ the Bay Area. I went to two, only remember one named 金大碗
  • Like LA, I was not very pleased with the traffic there, including the fact that my GPS got confused because of local street running parallel right next to highway.
  • Like LA, things are too spread out…making the traffic problem worse.

Here’s DA space-cow at Houston airport!

Besides Houston, I also hit Galveston, which is where my friend is located. I enjoy the small town feel of Galveston, where seems to have much fresher air and surrounded by nature/water. Due to time constraint, I didn’t get to hit too many spots in Galveston (or Houston) – the fact that I had to drive back to Austin to make my flight on Sunday. I only wish it’s not such a rush so I could take more pictures. Well, next time when I go for vacation.

Pictures taken crusing down Seawall Blvd.
Beautiful builings in downtown Galveston.
Inside Fudruckers

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