Piggy Hit 130 :)

Good news! I finally hit 130 on a scale today! I know body weight fluctuates a lot throughout the day, but it has been a long long while since I was over 130, like 1.5 years ago before I returned to Stanford after my period of leave-of-absence.

You all must be thinking, “what? so excited about being 130. This guy is nutz…” Why am I so happy? For the folks who know me, it’s not difficult to understand because it’s insanely difficult for me to gain weight. (I hope I don’t get attacked or killed for saying that…) Probably due to a combination of living habits (sleep, what sleep?) and insanely high metabolism. After a lot of effort of keeping up with my diet and consistently hitting the gym, I finally hit a milestone, albeit a small one. Actually, I find it interesting becauase I reached 140 before; however, I am certain that I am more in-shape now than when I was 140.

How much am I really doing? Actually, unlike other people who go to the gym 1-2 hours. I go 30-45 minutes for 2-3 times each week, being my efficient-lazy self. I do not do cardio in the gym and instead, leave the cardio requirement to playing basketball outside. My routine in the gym consist of doing the MAX weight on each machine/free-weight that allow me to do 3 rounds of 8 rapses at each station. In addition to that is some “piggy-style” situps to build that 6-packs that leaves me with immense pain right after, which I will not go into details here. Contact me if you are interested. To my knowledge, for people who want to tone and have lean muscles, they should do 3-4 rounds of 12+ rapses. In other word, focus on quantity over amount of weight. These are just what works for me, so please contact a profession trainer for advice.

Peronsally, I don’t want to be profoundly huge. I don’t think it looks that great aesthetically (no offense!) and especially for one with my height…haha. BUT! I have to say being in shape is closedly knitted to self-confidence and a healthy mind. Not to be superficial, I will say that being in shape and also somewhat fashionable do provide a boost in one’s confidence. Tell me who wouldn’t feel good knowing yourself is a better looker :P Besides, health should be the top priority in our lives. Not only we’ll be happier, it’s also the fact that only when we can take care of ourselves, we can take care of others.

Hence, exercise should be an essential part of our lives. To really make it an integral part, we cannot think of it as an “extra” activity in the day or some sort of burden that takes away our time. Make it a habit to go to the gym, walk or run outside, or whatever sports you like to do, and turn it into a routine, a habit. Start small and keep it growing. These are my 2 cents.

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  1. rob says:

    Same here, fast metabolism, which bothered me when I was younger, but am more accepting of it now. My friends and I used to have weekly outdoors basketball, which I felt kept me in good shape, and that’s something I missed as we no longer maintain it and everyone is both too busy and out of shape.

    However, I was able to play outdoors bball last week with some old classmates and it was tiring and fun! One of the benefits of getting back to a warmer, humid climate. I still think bball is the best all around exercise you can get.

    Lately, to keep in minimum condition in the urban jungle, I walk as often as I can, climb several flights of stairs, etc. just like in my college days. By making it harder on ourselves now, we actually make it easier for ourselves later on.

  2. Kin says:

    It definitely can be annoying to have our metabolism. But it is still possible to get in shape, as I have after 2-3 years of consistent gym’ing, hehe. It could be much faster, if I prioritize training and “getting big” above all else, but I am happy with my own pace.

    I’m a BIG basketball fan too :) I don’t really know groups of people to play games together, so I understand how hard it is. What I do is – If I’m alone, I practice my shooting. I get better at jump shooting (important cuz I’m short) and I get to chase the ball around for cardio. Since weather has gotten warmer here in Bay Area. I have been going to pick-up games and is amazed at my ability to jump shoot over taller people. It makes me very excited because I didn’t really start playing until about 2 years ago… This feeling of accomplishment is another great reward for choosing to exercise and train. So it is wonderful that you are making the conscious effort to walk and climb stairs.

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