Piano Student 1 and Piano Studnet 2

I was early for my piano lesson today, so I got the pleasure to witness part of the lesson of another younger student that goes kind of like this…

Teacher: Oh good, let’s get you another piece to play.
Student: Another piece? I alreagy got two…
Teacher: …
Student: I’ll do an easy one.
Teacher: How about this one?
Student: (start talking about cockatrice, which was part of the name of the piece I think)
Teacher: Oh good…interest… let’s play now.
Student: (flip through books, found another piece) I know this one, let’s do this one. (proceeds to start playing with right hand)
Teacher: Great…let’s add the left hand…
Student: (trying to play the chords for left hand…) I’m tired… (took a deep breathe, start shifting around)
Student: (trying to play a little more) I don’t want to do this one anymore. (moving around in chair, wouldn’t play)
Teacher: Dude, stop wasting time, play the piece…
Student: Your time is my time…I need to finish my book report… (kept on talking)
Teacher: (trying very hard to stay calm…”RARRRRRRRRR”, I think that’s what he’s saying inside :P)

Take that and imagine MORE talk going forth and back, then you have the actual situation. Luckily, my teacher did find a 3rd piece that he was able to go through with the kid. He saw the smirk on piano student two – ME -‘s face and his comment to me, “Oh yeah, you are so much easier to teach… fortunately he’s one of the worst already, hahaha…”

On the other hand, while I was waiting for my lesson, my teacher’s mother gave me some reassuring compliments on my piano playing – “很好聽, 很有感情” (enjoyable and involves lots of emotions). Not to brag (maybe a little :P) but this gives me a new surge of motivation, especially for me picking up piano at an older age. I can’t help but have some doubts of how far I can take it. If techniques are lacking, you can still practice… but if a person’s piano does not carry emotion, it’s probably more difficult to correct. So this is definitely a nice timely “pad on the back” that makes me more motivated than ever to keep on playing and practicing, for the love of piano and for whatever audience there maybe…even if it’s just one.

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