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I actually saw this on the TV news. It’s one of the first few reported, pretty big news obviously. In a nutshell, Wesley Autrey jumped on top of a man who’s fallen onto the subway track and covered the man enough to save both of them from a oncoming train. For that, he received the highest NY citizen honor – a copper medal! Well, I should not be cynical. This man did something extraordinary. Seriously, I don’t know if I’ll be doing that or for many people even if I was present in the scenario. He deserves our respect. To end the news on a happy note (I feel happy for him too), Wesley is receiving rewards from random people for performing this deed, including scholarships for his daughters and $10,000 from Donald Trump. Though I thought, “Oh, it’s Donald Trump. Wouldn’t he be giving a little more?”

Oh well. We should be happy there’s some good news on the news nowadays.

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