Couple Things Going On

I was gonna do a repost of something today but decided not. My day started crappy with a traffic ticket. It’s a bit ironic how I never get ticket for speeding though I do it frequently and by wanting to go to a bank at a place I never intended to in the 1st place, I got a ticket for right turn on red because of unfamiliarity and hence did not see the sign. I will be going to the court to attempt to waive some penalties.

Next, I returned to the gym after 2 weeks of slouching. Glad that my weight capacity has not decreased.

I did not get a chance to mention this. As of this past Sunday, I found a roommate who promptly took the room and wrote me a check for his 1st month’s rent. A US-grown Brazilian named Jean (I thought it was John…haha) Just like how people always take Ken for Kin I guess.

I was somewhat reluctant about having a roommate due to the loss of some privacy/freedom, but I have to say Jean has been a pleasant roommate for the few days.

In fact, he rented a Brazilian movie named The Man Who Copied (aka O Homem que Copiava) tonight. It started out a bit slow as a small town story but took QUITE a twist that makes you think “what the heck” half way through. It was entertaining :) Highly recommended if you want a not-so-invovled, light-hearted movie to relax in the evening but also be entertained.

At the end of the day, things got brightened up and tomorrow is another day. For that I’m grateful.

And I shall persist on my piano pieces that’s proving to become challenging -_-

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