May Zhou’s Suicide – Tragedy at Stanford

Update: A reddit post that includes a comment from a friend of May’s sister that provides more context and perhaps some confirmation to my initial thought, Here is a strip of the news of the missing Stanford student: A body discovered in the trunk of the car in a Santa Rosa Junior College parking […]

Simple is Good

I like simplicity, despite its impossibility in life Although reality is never simple Although life will not steer away from material We cannot forget to cherish the simple thingsFor examples… a person, an event, an item, a niche of memory, thought of someone, a smile, or even a small gesture… There are all kinds, countless… […]

People coming and going

Going back about 2.5 years, I arrived in Bay Area to do my master degree at Stanford. It was then that I landed this small part-time at a local art gallery in Palo Alto. 2.5 years…how quickly time has flown by now that I look back, and everything’s different and changing. This weekend I found […]

Nature Appreciation

I always feel more free and calm when I’m walking/hiking in nature or just sitting somewhere that lets me obsere it. For that, I am thankful for the window office I’m assigned to. Whenever it gets dull, boring, frustrating, or even angry, it is always helpful and encouraging to just take a look out the […]

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