Happy New Year!

To all my friends out there (who find this blog, haha), I wish you all a happy new year.

Year 2006 has been a very hectic year for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I concluded my Master program in Computer Science at Stanford – So thankful it’s finally over :P After new year, I will be on my way to a job as developer job at IBM at the Silicon Valley Lab. I have also become an uncle – Alas, I’m getting old! And 4 months earlier, we have relocated our parents to the Bay area. Things have been quite different w/ them around – a little less freedom, but I’m glad they are here as their aging and the weather in the mid-west don’t go so well together. It’s good they’re able to help out with my niece.

A few small accomplishment including seeing some result from all the gym’ing and basketball, learned to play the 1st piece of Sena’s Piano – Close to You from Long Vacation (I’ve always wanted to play it since…high school!), my vocal is getting better.

Not just me, people around me are going through many changes also, I have my best wishes for them. Who knows what’s in store for all of us, but hopefully everything will be fine. As quotes from Jet Li in his Fearless interview, “Ourselves are our greatest enemy.” and “Do you best, it’s good enough.”

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