New York City weekend


I left last Thursday for my interview with Goldman Sachs in New York City on Friday. However, my flight arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport and as a result, my hotel was the Double Tree hotel in Elizabeth, NJ, with which I was informed by friends and fellow airplane passengers to not roam around outside or else… I may be on the headline next day.

On Friday monring, I had to get up at 6am to get ready to catch my taxi to the city for interview at 8am. Actually, I had a hard time sleeping in the extravagant king size bed. On to the taxi, I soon came to the realization that my driver speaks little to no English, and on top of it, he does not know the way to where I need to go! (Am I glad I allocated enough time buffer for these situations or what…) To make it easy, I basically told him, “Go New York City!” first. After we arrive into the city, I held my laptop right next to him with the map to guide him to my destination. In the end I arrived on time, but it was still quite a fright, especially since I had to sit in traffic a long time wondering if we’ll ever find our way.


The GS interview process was quite interesting TOO, as we’re given the destinations/buildings of where we will have interviews with the different groups, and we have to get ourselves there. So I had 3 rounds: NYC –> Jersey City –> NYC. Quite an experience. Before the interview, I wasn’t sure what would be the characteristics of these interviews, therefore I did not prepare/study, except read up on the 3 groups of my interviews. They turned out to be mostly technical. Despite that, I was quite pleased with my performance. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an offer. *Contemplation about moving to New York* Hmmm…

I stayed the weekend with my friend Mengmeng in New Jersey, and we toured parts of New York City. Please see gallery. We took the bus to the city, walked around a bit, and then took the ferry near Battery Park to visit the Statue of Liberty. But liberty, do we really have liberty in this country anyways. And “Liberty”, it’s so subjective anyways… just as “faireness”, just as “justice”

After that, we traveled on foot from the pier at Battery Park to 48th street, where we had dinner of Szechuan food. During the walking expenditure, we hit many of the small towns, like Chinatown, little Italy, K-town… it was quite a bit of distance that we walked, haha.


NYC is a big city…to travel on foot :P I find the subway a bit confusing based on my one time experience of using it. The bus routes also, because they changed/mixed up the bus’ arrival gates at different times of days. Maybe I just have to get used to it, if I live there… which is a possibility now… It’s funny, I was saying things like maybe I’ll go work in Chicago or New York before, and how it’s becoming more concrete.. We do become what we say and think ourselves

NYC, I don’t like it, I don’t hate. It bears some resemblance to Hong Kong, the people, the style.

For now, I have to say I’m glad to be home, in Mountain View. Got some HW to catch up on now. Oh yeah, I’m glad my niece waited for me to be around for her coming :P

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  1. I’m in New York City this week for some training at work and I found a hotel right near all the cool, touristy spots in Manhattan. I tend to feel like a tool walking around taking cameraphone photos while listening to my iPod Shuffle, but then again– there’s something truly fun about being a tourist. It’s exciting to see places that have already been so overrun with others coming to visit that it’s just a giant clusterfuck of people walking around trying to snap photos, little children hanging out near…

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