There is Light at the End of Tunnel

Monday 11/27, marks the beginning of 3rd last week of school, and thus concluding my master degree – a long anticipated day personally. I’m finally reaching the end of the tunnel.

With all the homeworks needing to finish and group projects also, this will be a busy week. And due to a group meeting, I have to cancel my piano lesson again this week. I’m pretty bumped by this – I’ve had to call off lessons so often lately (well, a few of the lessons were called off by my instructor…)

Knowing where I will be staying and working in the recent future makes me feel a little more secure. However, for a better future, it’s obvious that I need to find different things to try outside of my regular work to accomplish, be it more investing, starting a biz, freelance…who knows. I’m also talking to different people about their views/plans/ideas and reading more books/online and plan to read a lot more once I’m out of school. Objective, learn all I can. There are just too many possibilities out there. I have to find something that works for me, works for my style.

I bought and dropped off a balloon for a friend’s birthday, and later I got a call from someone who sounded so happy. This reminds me how small thoughts go a long way to generate so much happiness for people around us and the great feeling of giving than receiving :)

Oh yeah, I’m pondering if I should add “diaper changing” as a skill on my resume now…heh

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  1. tofu says:

    hallo… i just did super poorly on final #1… it can only get better from here, yes? yes, see you over winter break!

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