There is Light at the End of Tunnel

Monday 11/27, marks the beginning of 3rd last week of school, and thus concluding my master degree – a long anticipated day personally. I’m finally reaching the end of the tunnel. With all the homeworks needing to finish and group projects also, this will be a busy week. And due to a group meeting, I […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite all the hecticness lately, things finally are starting to calm down. A new sense of reassurance is reached as the decision is made to stay in the area after graduation. In a way, I’m very glad because of family (esp. my sister and little Alinda) and friends in this area, though I did feel […]

New York City weekend

112 I left last Thursday for my interview with Goldman Sachs in New York City on Friday. However, my flight arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport and as a result, my hotel was the Double Tree hotel in Elizabeth, NJ, with which I was informed by friends and fellow airplane passengers to not roam around […]

I Am Not Settling for Less

Many points in life we just arrive at situation where there are so many things going on and you don’t know which to deal with. Stress, frustration, exhaustion… that make us very uncomfortable. Do you choose to deal with it or simply find an easy way out. In the end, it comes down to the […]

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