There is Light at the End of Tunnel

Monday 11/27, marks the beginning of 3rd last week of school, and thus concluding my master degree – a long anticipated day personally. I’m finally reaching the end of the tunnel. With all the homeworks needing to finish and group projects also, this will be a busy week. And due to a group meeting, I […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite all the hecticness lately, things finally are starting to calm down. A new sense of reassurance is reached as the decision is made to stay in the area after graduation. In a way, I’m very glad because of family (esp. my sister and little Alinda) and friends in this area, though I did feel […]

New York City weekend

112 I left last Thursday for my interview with Goldman Sachs in New York City on Friday. However, my flight arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport and as a result, my hotel was the Double Tree hotel in Elizabeth, NJ, with which I was informed by friends and fellow airplane passengers to not roam around […]

My Experience with E-LOAN Online Saving

I received my first statement on my E-LOAN saving account that I opened 2 weeks ago, which has the highest APY of 5.50% for a online saving account . A few comments about what I like, based on my experience switching from HSBC (and ING preveriously): The opening process is quick and clean, and unlike […]

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